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Civil wedding or union ceremonies in Italy are unique and truly charming.

In the city of Castelfiorentino there are spectacular venues such as historical buildings, rich in art and history, or villas and castles in the countryside.

Here below the venues where to have a civil wedding or arrange a civil union, including the amazing ancient Theatre in the main square (a new entry!):

  • The Town Hall (in the so-called “Red Hall”)
    A late baroque building erected in 1544, located in the very heart of the city.

  • Relais Pugliano
    In a dominant position, with a 360° view over the breathtaking landscape of Tuscan hills. It is a scenic location with a sophisticated taste.

  • Castello di Oliveto
    Fairy-tale and majestic, steeped in history and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, it is the perfect setting for a romantic and elegant ceremony.

  • Teatro del Popolo… a spectacular location!
    Make your wedding or union day unforgettable in the magical atmosphere that is created between the stages and the curtain.

Civil wedding and union ceremonies performed in the Town Hall are free. If you instead prefer the spectacular setting offered by the castle, villa or theatre, a fee is required.

Italian wedding or civil union ceremonies can be personalized with personal reading and vows; the Italian civil wedding or civil union rite is intimate and beautiful.

Anyway specific marriage or civil union requirements are necessary when planning a civil wedding or civil union ceremony in Italy:

  • Civil ceremonies are officiated by an Italian authority and are legally recognized in your country

  • Ceremony is performed in Italian by Mayor or civil registrar

  • An interpreter is necessary

  • Ceremony consists in a mix between the articles of the Italian civil code and traditional marriage vows and lasts 20 minutes approximately

  • Two witnesses over 18 years are necessary

  • By law civil ceremony must take place in buildings approved by the Italian government (castles, villas, palaces, etc.). In Castelfiorentino, there are a few special historical venues, others than the Town Hall

  • Civil ceremonies in Italy can be customized with elements that express your personality and values: music, readings, poetry and personal vows

  • No residency requirements: the couple can arrive in Italy 4/5 business days before the wedding/civil union date, in order to complete the necessary paperwork

  • Civil weddings or unions in Italy are legally recognized in Italy and abroad.


About the celebration of weddings or civil unions in the Town Hall, at the Castello di Oliveto and at the Relais Pugliano (fees, paperwork required, ...):
Public Relations Office - Municipality of Castelfiorentino
+0039 0571 686304-391 -,  

About the celebration of weddings or civil unions at the Teatro del Popolo:
Teatro del Popolo Foundation
+0039 0571 633482 -

Arrangements for a civil marriage or union must be made in advance at:
Registry Office - Municipality of Castelfiorentino
Piazza del Popolo, 1
Phone + 39 0571 686360 -

For inspections or requesting additional services you should apply directly to the venues:

Castello di Oliveto
Via di Monte Olivo, 6 - Castelfiorentino
Phone +39 0571629722 / +39 057164322 -

Relais Pugliano
Via Onofrio di Paolo, 13 - Castelfiorentino
Phone +39 335 642 8644 -

Teatro del Popolo
Piazza A. Gramsci, 80 - Castelfiorentino
Phone +39 0571633482 -